The Motivation Into Greatness

Mystery Inc. Cont'd

Shipwrecks, Sand Witches, and Sahuagin

DR 1375 – Flamerule 20th – Morning

Thalasia waits outside town for the four outsiders, after being attacked in the middle of the night by a Sahuagin intent on dragging her into the ocean she and Tamar look a little worse for the wear. Dahara and Captain Bastard arrive shortly followed by Captain Ebrick with Kyte in tow. Several dirty looks are passed his way, but he seems largely apathetic today. The five have decided to seek the counsel of the Sand Witch and begin the long hike up the coast trying to beat the oppressive heat of the midday.

Passing up the western side of the island, Ebrick and Kyte wish to inspect the ship that had wrecked and stranded them there. As they approach the wreckage Ebrick notices an elf with a sack picking through the debris, wearing the deceased captain’s tricorn (the man who was also Ebrick’s father). An exchange of shouted obscenities and obscene gestures leads the pirate’s offspring to wade out into the water with murderous intent. Thalasia notes that she doesn’t recognize this particular elf, who has begun loading a bolt into the ballista still mounted on the hull of the ship. 250px tiger shark

Kyte makes himself useful, pelting the rucksacker with arrows while the others wade slowly against the heavy surf, cutting themselves on the coral and being pushed back by the rough whiteheads. The strange elf coaxes a nearby shark into attacking the swimmers as they approach the boat, Bastard taking a hit from the ballista. It’s not long before the elf is surrounded and everyone is prodding everyone else with a trident. The unknown salvager goes berserk, knocking Thalasia unconcious but eventually being cut down by Ebrick. Dahara shoves a potion down their ward’s throat, knowing that if she dies four heads will roll, literally, off the executioner’s block.

With another strange happenstance piled on this riddle—the unknown elf with rows of pointed teeth, they arrive at the Sand Witch’shut. In exchange for current news from the port she reveals to them that the thing they had fought was a Malenti; a mutant Sahuagin born to infiltrate aquatic elven communities and that they have an affinity for sharks in addition to their violent natures. Unfortunately Mazheva knows little about the nature of the murder and can only warn them that foul magicks are at work about Marwan Suule.


BoSheck BoSheck

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