The Motivation Into Greatness

Clue Cove

The case advances

DR1375 – Flamerule the 19th

With interrogations of Ebrick, Bastard, Kyte and Dahara leading nowhere , the situation begins to wear on Tormak and Shenaer, their usual bickering picking up again.

Sileny and Lun Longshanks follow the only lead they have this time, several undead chained outside a sunken ship. The two secure a winch and Lun rows them out to sea. Sileny dives down to investigate the familiar looking schooner and is greeted by two aquatic creatures flitting out from beneath decks. An attempt to parlay results in the lacedons baring their teeth and yowling for flesh to feast upon. The elf uses her superior aquatic speed to draw the creatures to shore where she skirmishes with them, Lun assisting with magic from the distant boat. After taking a few hits, the undead are destroyed and Sileny moves to investigate the sunken ship. The entire thing is in good repair, looking like it was intentionally scuttled.

Black onyx groupThrough judicious use of a crowbar the elf accesses a chest in the cabin, finding heavy clothes, boots, gloves, and a peculiar breathing apparatus as well as a sack full of onyx gems. Accessing the desk triggers an arrow trap that wounds the elf but she is relatively fine, taking a key and a tightly sealed scroll case. Sileny leaves with everything but the mask, instead writing a note to it’s owner daring them to come to town and retake their belongings. She makes it to the surface before succumbing to the poison that the arrow had delivered.

Sileny wakes up several hours later with Lun and his dog watching vigilantly in his bungalo. Night has long fallen and she has no idea what the time is. Gathering her strength, the two of them deliver the evidence to Shenaer, much to the captain’s relief.


BoSheck BoSheck

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