The Motivation Into Greatness

Clues in the Muck

Unravelling threads

DR 1375 – Flamerule 20th – Evening
Thalasia, Ebrick, Kyte, Dahara, and Bastard make their way back in the late evening. The trek to the northern end of the isle took nearly the whole day and the four foreigners are eager to return to civilization. Stumbling through the jungle, the five of them stumble across an oozing corpse which lunges to attack them. Investigation reveals the slimy beast is a zombified skum guarding a small chest of valuables. The monster is dispatched but it is morning before they return to the port and pawn the chests contents.

With several of them showing signs of coral scratch, heat exhaustion, and hurt by the skum, everyone disbands for several days rest.

Flamerule 23rd – Morning

Sileny, mostly recovered from her own illness, sets out to ask around the waterfront. The town is bustling, preparing not only for the midsummer’s festival occuring in a few days but also the wedding of one of the councilmen’s daughters. Several hours of asking and dealing leads her to the Calishite merchant Rajiid Ringfingers; a fast talking purveyor of luxury goods. Wading through several sales pitches, she wheedles from the man that an individual dressed in garb matching what had been found in the sunken vessel had recently purchased quite a few onyx gemstones. She returns to the Elven village to confer with her peers.


Thalasia has nearly fully recovered from her wounds but several of the others had become even more ill from the infections they’d contracted from the coral. The town guard send a message to Kyte with a bill enclosed for the cost of rebuilding the jailhouse—it’s suggested he enter as many of the events in the coming Midsummer Festival as he can to generate some quick cash.

The next several days are spent recovering from their assorted maladies and learning more about the events of the Midsummer Festival, as well as becoming acquainted with some of the notable denizens of Port Salvage. Despite some earnest inquiries, little information is made available concerning the murders. With the guard focusing more and more on tight security for the festival, the watchful eyes of the two Halfbloods turn toward the influx of strangers and away from our party, leaving a fine opportunity to take in the festivities.


BoSheck BoSheck

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