The Motivation Into Greatness

Mystery Inc.

The Price of Freedom

DR 1375 – Flamerule the 19th – Evening

With the delivery of proof solid enough to grant them bail, Captian Ebrick, Captain Bastard, Dahara, and Kyte all breath the fresh air of free men once more. Their last task in the jailhouse is to change the straw lining their holding cells. Several rats emerge from the new straw as it is loaded into the barred rooms, attacking the four former inmates. Things seem to be going relatively well until Kyte belches flame on the rodents, igniting the straw and shortly thereafter the entire guardhouse. Ratstraw

Everyone escapes relatively unscathed and the bucket brigade manages to keep the fire from causing a town-wide catastrophe, but the evidence granting them their freedom went up in flames with the rest of the building. Now Kyte is on the hook for the cost of the guardhouse and the responsibility of finding the real murderer and proving their own innocence falls on the rest of the group who begrudgingly take the mysterious Kyte with them.

With Sileny ill for an indeterminate amount of time as she battles against the ravages of ghoul fever, Thalasia is tasked with overseeing the outsiders and ensuring that any more collateral damage they cause is kept to a bare minimum. With the day already late and many people sick of each other’s faces the five agree to meet on the morning of the next day to beseech The Sand Witch’s counsel.


BoSheck BoSheck

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