The Motivation Into Greatness

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Maelstrom of Fate

The events leading up to present day have been a blur of scorching tropical days and warm island nights. Time blurs the lines between what has been and what might have passed; let this serve as a recounting of days and deeds gone by.

The setting is summer. Marwaan Suule sleeps in the midday heat of the oppressing daystar—no sane man works this day. A single form flits through the waves, scanning the undersea landscape: sunken boxes of nailed shut wood, many worn harshly by the harsh ocean water and strong currents—bones littering the sandy floor, skeletal limbs peeking out from coffins; picked clean by oceanic scavengers.

A dark shape passes overhead. A craft of some sort, though traffic here was of little concern. Another pine box slides into the water, this one wrapped in chains. Sileny notices a cloud of blood seeping from the seams of the enclosure. As she darts to it, a desperate beating on the inside of the lid can be heard. As the boat makes haste out to sea the elven woman attempts to break the chains and free the prisoner. A man whose, it would later be revealed, was a town guardsman. The well-made casket and strong chains, however, prove too much of a hinderance, and the man passes into oblivion before she can drag him to shore. Dark clouds gather on the horizon, the peal of thunder echoing across the island. There would be no pursuing the mysterious skiff yet. But instead shelter and then she would find someone to help her.

The same storm sets several other wheels in motion: Captain Bastard, his crew, and Dahara find themselves in the first real challenge at sea. Af the end of a long maiden voyage with half the crew malnourished and several days spent lost, and land finally in sight they find their luck turning from bad to worse as a squall rips across the seas, their own ship caught in it. Captain Bastard displays (at the time) an uncharacteristic heroic streak, rescuing his first mate Red from the churning ocean in the midst of the rain, wind, and chaos. Through what seemed like sheer luck the ship avoids major damage, ending up beached on the long sandbar marking the northeastern point of Marwan Suule.

Another crew, hoping to find anchorage off the west side of the island are not nearly so lucky: the storm dashes the ship pieces on the reef. Two lucky individuals survive: The captains only child and protege and the ship’s cook.

Two more sets of eyes watch the storm, perhaps faring the best, two of the isle’s natives. A makeshift tarp over a hole sheltering a young half-elven woman and her family’s pet turtle from the worst of the weather.

As the midday storm passes each pair makes their way aboud the island, slowly all tied together by a single thread of fate, and propelled by a Motivation Into Greatness


BoSheck BoSheck

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