The Motivation Into Greatness

Mystery Unfolding

Beginnings of the Investigation

DR: 1375. Flamerule the 17th. – Midday

As Sileny makes her way into the human settlement of Port Salvage Thalasia does the same.

Sileny heads directly to the guard post meeting Tormak Halfblood and Shenaer Halfblood (no relation). There she explains what had occured in the towns burial grounds, and the three set off for the beach she’d left the guard’s body at.

The half-elf goes to take care of business with the town’s carpenter, Farlane Nailer. Thalasia negotiates the price of a cart for hauling her turtle companion about effeciently on dry land. She and Nailer trade insults with one another, and she makes her way out to look around town. After a short walk she becomes disgusted with the goings on at the harbor and decides to make way back to Sul-gaerlin, chance sees her meeting the two Halfbloods and Sileny.

Travelling together, the four find giant crabs picking at the remains of the fallen. A short, fierce combat sees the monstrous creatures either slain or driven off. The landers catch a glimpse of an old crone watching them from afar, but she disappears after just a moment.

By the time everyone makes it back into town, the afternoon is long past. Sileny meets up with Lun Longshanks at the Tackle Biscuit for some lander food while Thalasia, Tormak, and Shanear head to the guardhouse, terse discourse ensues.


BoSheck BoSheck

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