The Motivation Into Greatness

Sarcophagus Salvage

Recovering Critical Evidence

DR: 1375. Flamerule the 17th – Night

Sileny and Lun Longshanks make a late-night expedition to the site of the murder first witnessed by the elf. There they dredge up the pieces of the coffin, finding that in addition the the chains, it had been weighed down with peculiar stones—jagged and sharp igneous, something not found on the island to their knowledge, in addition the maker’s brand is on the coffin’s inside. Deciding to head back to the port in the daylight the two collapse on the beach, exhausted.

Flamerule the 18th

Returning the next day to Port Salvage the two meet up with Thalasia wherein they discuss their findings. The half-elf points them in the direction of Farlane Nailer‘s Woodshoppe, advising Sileny to let Lun do the talking given the appearant disposition of the man toward non-landers. After convincing the old codger of his good intent and cooperation with the law, Nailer shows him where the storage shed for his finished product and lets him poke around. The old man admits that one of his coffins had been stolen, the building broken into by brute force and the culprit leaving a pool of slime in it’s wake. With their only clue being the end of the trail, the three disband to gather what knowledge they can. Sileny makes to circle the waters of Marwan Suule, Lun disapears into the crowds of the port and Thalasia makes her way into the wilderness of the island.

Sileny finds a freshly sunken ship off the eastern coast of the island with a peculiar seascape about it: chained to weights on the sandy bottom are several zombies shambling about, attempting futily to reach the elf. She returns to recruit assistance in salvaging the boat, talking Lun into hauling a boat out to the cove to help.


BoSheck BoSheck

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