Farlane Nailer


A wrinkled old man with frayed white hair and small spectacles on his large, red nose.

Farlane Nailer, the town’s carpenter lives in a small cabin adjoining his business. He often has a little scrap wood for sale, and is considered by most to the the town’s premier woodworker. The man is old, and his eyesight isn’t, perhaps, as good as it used to be, but he takes pride in his work and tries to stay honest. His down-to earth attitude and no-bullshit businessmanship make him refreshing to deal with—if he doesn’t grate too much on folks. Farlane bases his prices for everything on the price of lumber that week, and won’t haggle. His primary trade is in making coffins—as the towns internment procedures are a bit non-standard. He has an orphan apprentice boy who doesn’t say much, but seems to have picked up the whole wodworking trade rather quickly.

Because of their initial meeting and confrontational natures, Farlane doesn’t much care forThalasia, of course the feeling is mutual.

Farlane Nailer

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