Marwaan Suule

The term used by the local elven village, as well as several other humanoids, to refer to not only the town of Port Salvage, but also the island and surrounding area. Marwaan Suule translates from the elven tongue as “Home of the Lost Spirits”, likely a reference to the tendancy of castaways and vagabonds to settle on the island.

The island itself is largely covered with thick flora, inhabitted by some native beasts as well as feral boars, cats, and dogs. The island itself is several square miles of mostly tamed terrain. However, a great deal of the island is left wild, partly through agreement with the elves of Sul-gaerlin and partly through the efforts of the Temple of Silvanus. In addition to the tight-knit community of sea-elves, several other tribes of aquatic humanoids dwell in the deeps near Marwaan Suule, including a sizable Merfolk settlement, a nomadic group of Locathah, and a violent tribe of Sahuagin. On any given day, much more happens below the island’s shores than above.

The port town itself as well as the surrounding farmalnd occupies the southeastern quadrant. The northernmost point is a sandbar strung outward from the northeastern shore; here an old hermit referred to as [[:the sand witch]] lives out her days. The waters off the west of the island are treacherous and beautiful—the coral reefs and shallows make targets of unwary and unfamiliar captains, and currents often deliver old wreckage from the deep.

Being equatorial the island sees little in the way of cold weather, however seasonal storms, shifting ocean currents, and boisterous festivals help mark the passing of the seasons.

Marwaan Suule

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