The Motivation Into Greatness

Jailhouse Blues

In the Jailhouse Now

DR: 1375. Flamerule the 17th

Kyte and Ebrick had passed the previous night on the western shores of the island, a stone’s throw from the wreckage of Ebrick’s father’s ship. As dawn breaks they make their way around the island, attempting to find a settlement. Stubmling about the jungle for some time the two nearly succumb to the oppresive summer heat—Kyte being more seriously endangered, but both manage to limp into town. Near Port Salvage, a benevolent passerby (a man in a breathing apparatus and heavy, damp clothes) tends to him, then sends him on his way. After securing a room, Ebrick grudgingly accepts Kyte’s company as a temporary necessity and the two purchase lodging. The next day a series of run-ins with the guard, however, lead to Kyte being caught attempting to hide a tongue in a jar in a back alley, a casual search of his belongings turns up a bloody dagger as well—both of them are incarcerated.

Captain Bastard and Dahara also begin their journey toward the port that morning, having encountered the Sand Witch after their vessel was beached and bartering labor in exchange for curative magicks. She sents them the direction of the port town the next morning. Arriving in town Bastard immediately locates a shipwright and has his boat towed into port to be repaired—a drunken altercation in a seedy tavern sees the out-of-towners thrown into the cell neighboring Kyte and Ebrick. A casual scan by Shenaer paints the two an unfortunate alignment. Additionally, Bastard’s ship comes up similar enough to the vessel described by Sileny as having dropped the coffin into the water.

Evidence points to both pair, and they’re left to bicker in their jailcells for the next two days while more of the mystery unfolds on the island.


I feel that there is a needed edit to this Wiki. That would be to replace the “Jail” with the “Old Jail” or “Previous Jail” seeing that it is no more. haha

Jailhouse Blues

I laughed. I can do that . I’m just curious, are you able to edit/add wiki pages as members of the campaign?

Jailhouse Blues
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